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How to improve the wall thickness accuracy of reinforced 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes

Date:2023-05-18View:23Tags:ASTM A500,EN10217-1,EN10219-1
There are many applications for strengthening 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes. However, due to the low accuracy of wall thickness in reinforced 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes, there is a phenomenon of uneven thickness, which will have a significant impact on the performance of reinforced 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes. Therefore, to enhance the service life of 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes, manufacturers of 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes have taken some effective measures to improve the wall thickness accuracy of 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes.

How to improve the accuracy of wall thickness of 3PE corrosion-resistant steel pipes?

In order to heat the billet of the pipeline, it is necessary to pay attention to uniform heating, and it is prohibited to quickly raise and lower the temperature, and it should be kept stable.

2. Use the center roller to determine if it is in place, adjust the beginning of the central shaft and core suspension roller, and so on.

3. The rolling tool should be installed on the rolling line to ensure that the distance between the upper and lower rollers is equal, and the left and right guide distances are equal.

4. For rolling mandels, please select pipes with larger wall thickness for processing. A pipeline with uniform wall thickness can reduce the probability of Mandrel deformation and improve the accuracy of steel pipe wall thickness.

5. Improve the process, which can also improve the accuracy of wall thickness and avoid situations where the middle is thin and the wall thickness exceeds the control range.