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What to do if the straightness of seamless steel pipe does not meet the standard and affects processing

Date:2024-05-31View:48Tags:pipes and pipe fittings,Pre Galvanized Steel Pipe,steel tube
Isn't the steel pipe straight? I will help you solve it. The straightness of seamless steel pipes does not meet the standard and affects the treatment. Recently, many customers have inquired about the straightness of seamless steel pipes. After the conversation, I found that these customers need to be dealt with in the future, and the steel pipes are too bent, which will cause great trouble. The conveying status, size, and steel grade of steel pipes are all factors that affect the straightness of seamless steel pipes.

Have you encountered the following handling issues because the steel pipe is not straight?

(1) Cutting yield: The bending of seamless steel pipes can cause great trouble for customers during the cutting process. When the steel pipe is bent, it will jump, making it difficult to cut. The large cutting error directly leads to a decrease in product output.
(2) Product accuracy: Product accuracy is a requirement of the product itself. For example, using seamless steel pipes in pairs, inserting one steel pipe into another. If the steel pipe is bent, it will not be suitable, leading to the scrapping of the entire pipeline.
Actual case analysis: The impact of straightness on product accuracy. We have this situation. Previously, there was a client who needed a sports pipeline. The outer diameter is 35mm, the inner hole is 31mm, and it is delivered in a cold state. The final product length needs to be 4.4 meters, while the straightness requirement is 1mm/m. The interior and exterior are used together, with a 28mm pipe plugged into the interior. If the outer tube is bent and has poor straightness, the inner tube cannot be completely inserted. Due to price issues, the customer had previously chosen a supplier with a cheap quotation, but due to the supplier's lack of professional equipment, it was not possible to achieve straightforwardness, and delivery times were always delayed. After failing to replace the supplier, he finally found professional equipment to solve the customer's problem, so price is not the only choice.
How can seamless steel pipes meet diameter requirements higher than national standards?
Seamless steel pipes mainly use professional straightening equipment and a "root to root quality inspection" inspection program to ensure the accuracy of straightness. We not only have 7 straightening machines and high-precision demolding machines for special shaped steel pipes, but also add 11 rolling machines to meet the customer's high straightening and yield requirements. With professional equipment and 31 years of rich experience, we can meet the different straightforwardness requirements of our customers.